Jim Britt

dLee, host of the Mighty Gems show, reminds us of the power we have in spotlighting the everyday jewels that can easily be overlooked. This a time of awakening and raising our consciousness on the planet; Mighty Gems is helping with that. Even more, growing people’s awareness is a part of what drives my personal passions daily. I fully enjoyed my interview opportunity to expand on my perspective during a recent show (topic: “Letting Go of the Need to Be in Control”). It’s important to let go and allow ourselves to be, see and experience the Mighty Gems in life… check out the show to learn, grow and be Mighty!

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Jim Lutes

Life is meant to be seized and appreciated along the way. It is a contact sport and we need to live it with confidence and self-empowerment. I appreciated sharing my life experiences with d Lee on the Mighty Gems show. The focus of the Mighty Gems show is valuable in helping people who are seeking to live a higher quality of life and are willing to explore the adventures it brings. Every opportunity that we have to reinforce that message in our own lives must be taken! And Mighty Gems helps us do it in a fun way with others who are sharing their stories. Check it out – you’ll be glad you did.

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