Be who you are.

We often limit ourselves to fit others’ perceptions or avoid criticism. However, living a full life means accepting ourselves completely and being fully present to what happens in our lives. After all, everything that happens will bring you to the next best levels of yourself for ever-increasing levels of personal presence.


“Knowing yourself is enlightenment.”

Lao Tzu, born in 531 B.C., theorized that self-consciousness is a part of the “Dao”, or the way of the world. He recommended we accept the Dao and live in harmony with it. Others would state that presence is the art of knowing yourself completely to embody all aspects of your being. Either way, it is one of the great pursuits of living a good life.

Website: The Great Eastern Philosopher

Why It Matters

Live full-out.

It is impossible to live completely and fully if you are not really ‘there’. By being present to yourself – with full acknowledgement and acceptance of who you are – you can access your full potential and resources. Presence is what changes the world.

How To Live It