You are made of stardust.

The most beautiful gems start out as lumps of dirt. In fact, sometimes they need intense pressure to yield their beauty. So it is in life with humans. Our inner light sometimes becomes revealed through outer circumstances. In all cases, we can learn to see the jewels that are around us everyday.


“We are a way for the cosmos to know itself.”

Carl Sagan saw the connection between humankind and the greater universe. The universe dances through us, taking raw elements and transforming them into the jewels we now call humanity. Each one of us serves a unique purpose; know yours to live more boldly.

Website: Carl Sagan

Why It Matters


To understand the precious nature of your life and how your presence connects with the greater whole is the nature of self-acceptance, self-worth and self-affinity. You would not destroy a jewel; in like manner, how can you live any other way than to honor yourself as the jewel you are?

How To Live It