Happiness is your birthright.

Life is short. All too often, we get hung up in the busy-ness of living our lives and forget to be happy. Without happiness, life is bleak and colorless. Take the time to discover what makes you happy and then go do more of that – it can change the world.


“Eudaimonia is the goal of human thought and action.”

Aristotle, the great philosopher from ancient Greece, believed that happiness or, more specifically, “human flourishing”, was born of activity and exhibiting virtue. Today, that means being purposeful and intentional about how we choose to live and grow ourselves.

Aristotle Website: Wikipedia

Why It Matters

The Universe dances through you. 

You are a unique expression of the Universe in human form. The Universe seeks to experience itself – and happiness – through you. By being happy, you naturally express joy, gratitude and abundance in equal measure. By learning how to be happy, you give others permission to share in your happiness and, just maybe, cultivate their own happiness as well.

How To Live It