Balance is essential.

When empowered, you like in an awakened state of awareness. Accordingly, you likely look around within and outside yourself for insights and higher perspective.In other words, you are looking for a balanced reflective as a guide to better living.


“As above, so below.”

As Hermes Trismegustus said in the first century A.D., there is a correlation – a balance – between what happens within and without, in the cosmos and on Earth.

Hermeticism definition: Wikipedia

Why It Matters

Without balance, there is no sense of stability.

Humans thrive where there is security, safety and stability. Without balance, it is difficult to experience that kind of comfort. And yet, the balance to such comfort is adventure, variety and exploration. Just as even the most seasoned athlete must rest, and must train to excel, your life has a rhythm to it. To live your best life, you must understand and apply the concept of balance.

How To Live It