On a Purrfectly Clear Zen Note

You have many caring teachers are around you – including pets and animals in nature. There is a lot of value in paying attention to these somewhat simple but useful lessons and reminders about being good to ourselves and others.

When we ‘love’ on an animal, may receive a return request – to scratch a certain spot, rub an exposed belly, give a special tidbit, accept a wet kiss, bump heads or rub noses. And in that moment, we have made a connection with pure consciousness.

Recent studies show that animals can help humans to bring down blood pressure and calm anxiety. They have helped save lives through their awareness and love for their humans. And they have much to teach humans.

Zen Lessons From Animals

Here are some of the most important things I have learned by observing animals. Feel free to take them into your daily relationships to live with more zen.

1. Take time to respect those who have come before you.
2. Take time to show empathy and compassion.
3. Take time to cuddle with each other.
4. Take time to do something unexpected for someone.
5. Take time to play within each day.
6. Take time to show affection and passion.
7. Take time to express unconditional love.
8. Take time to listen.
9. Take time to practice being patient.
10. Take time to laugh from deep inside at something silly.
11. Take time each day to nap.
12. Take time to slow down your pace of present moments.
13. Take time each day for physical movement.
14. Take time to learn something new.
15. Take time to try a new approach and new solution to a problem.

In all things of nature, there is something of the marvelous.” ~ Aristotle

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