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Mighty Spectrums – Nurturing Your Inner Being brings together two devoted friends who share their creativity, the essence of nature, art, philosophy, spiritual, poetry and other nuggets of personal wisdom, experience and inspiration to nurture the space within. Like any garden, proper care and feeding allows life to flourish; your inner garden has a direct effect on your environment, relationships and life experience. When you create a direct connection to the Universal Mind, or pure consciousness, you activate deep levels within your brain to create equilibrium between your inner thoughts, your words, your energetic frequency and your experience. These discoveries are meant to be a gift to inspire, enlighten, encourage and provide resources to any individual’s journey of discovering how to nurture their own inner being and how to sparkle with their innate divinity.


Your Hosts:

dLee is an author, talk show host for the Mighty Gems show on VoiceAmerica Empowerment, and businesswoman infusing her life with positivity and helping others to do the same. From a very early age, she spent time in her father’s garden, where she was first introduced to her internal Muse. This taught her the importance of exploring present moments with all her senses, embrace inspiring possibilities and then to use systems to organize her internal landscape. Her mantra is that she chooses to take empowered action with an “I can do this” perspective, which gives her greater resilience, creativity and joy in life. dLee is a co-author of The Gifts of Grace and Gratitude which recently hit the #1 Best Sellers list on

LadyJaye started out with a passion for writing as early as the third grade, procuring awards along the way and fueling that passion. Her love of writing later led to publishing her initial book Giggles ‘N God – short stories that just happen to rhyme about her spiritual journey. This led to developing her own online bookstore in the late ‘90’s and hosting several e-books on the international circuit. Perpetual study and practice of God’s precepts led her to the stellar atmosphere of the Ageless Wisdom and her desire to share their proven Principles. Her spiritual name of VivikaQi labels her writings as she walks the most delightful path of her podvig this lifetime. Mission travels include Haiti, Europe, and Mexico. Priority hobbies include time with her granddaughters, Ageless Wisdom study, writing, cycling, and travel.

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“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.” ~ John Muir

Have you found your sparkle? It not, it’s a choice.

When you open your mind to receive, take a look around at the abundance of spectrums of life experiences sparkling everywhere. DLee and LadyJaye share, encourage and merge their radiant path experiences of their individual discoveries, gleaned through their challenging, devoted and amazing walk through life. See new choices and a variety of ways for you to connect with divine principles and help you embrace where you want to ‘Go, Grow and Glow.’

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“ It is important to remember that a thought is harmless unless we believe them and act on them. As the subject, since thoughts are an object of your awareness, you have the power to challenge every thought. You can decide if you want to make that thought real.” ~ Elizabeth Thornton

Becoming actively aware of the tone and core thought messages that you feed yourself each moment establishes the basic framework of how you presently show up. When harmlessness is key to your life, you will do more to produce right harmonious conditions in your personality than any amount of discipline along other lines. Join us to explore the spectrum of ways you can genuinely approach each day and every moment.

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“Thoughts are boomerangs, returning with precision to their source. Choose wisely which ones you throw.” ~ Unknown Author

Do you constantly find your mind being taken over with dancing melodies, runaway thoughts or images of past events and memories? When you fully become aware of these, you can bring these forward into a captive focus. From an omnipresent manifesting energy, all thoughts and words must be carefully weighed, their goal assessed and their motive pure. Choose to filter your thoughts by asking yourself questions such as: “What do these thoughts provide me so I can think, feel, say, do and focus on what will help me feel better?” Discover how to be more responsible in your thinking by listening to this show.

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“You are given the gifts of the gods, you create your reality according to your beliefs. Yours is the creative energy that makes your world. There are no limitations to the self except those you believe in.” ~ Seth (The Nature of Personal Reality)

When you express the thoughts you have been pondering deep within, do you give them a choice of how they show up? Are they naked or have you designed a wardrobe to assist how they present? The ultimate purpose of speech is to clothe thoughts to make them available for others. When you speak, you bring that which is concealed within to audible expression. Learn how to embrace and express your thoughts with colorful ‘fabric’ for more joy in presenting them.

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“Our lives are not determined by what happens to us, but by how we react to what happens; not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life. A positive attitude causes a chain reaction of positive thoughts, events and outcomes. It is a catalyst…a spark that creates extraordinary results.” ~ Wade Boggs

Do you have a rushed, harried feeling of pressure or visions of your long to-do list as you start your day? Choose to push your reset button on how you react so you are coming from a peaceful state. Peace is a feeling you carry from within yourself and can give you more energy for everything you want to do. You can see opportunities with more clarity and get more done. When the reaction is changed, the action has no choice but to change or completely disappear. Join us to explore how to turn on your readiness for positive action throughout your day.

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“The Universe operates through dynamic exchange… giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the Universe, and in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the Universe circulating in our lives.” ~ Deepak Chopra

When you hear the word ‘abundance’, do your thoughts race in the opposite direction – or do you stop and express sincere gratitude? Open your senses to observe nature in all of its unwavering and immutable abundant operation that thrives without human help or intervention. Often considered the Principle of Abundance, it includes ‘assistance’ from the Universe when you request help so you can stand firm while taking a moment to ask “where are my feet?”. Join us as we tune focused intentions to a higher-frequency pattern.

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Harmonize Yourself and Let it Go and Grow

“Because we all share this planet Earth, we have to learn to live in harmony and peace with each other and with nature. This is not just a dream but a necessity.” Dalai Lama

As an empowered person, do you feel you can make a difference helping increase the Universal consciousness and ultimately harmony between humanity, animal, plant and mineral systems? We can feel very small and unimportant when we take a look at the multitude of conflict, disharmony and unresolved issues brewing in the world. Actively choose to focus within yourself. What may seem like a small act of conscious attention to personal grace, love, and harmony will touch all that is around you. Taken from the Divine Will for humanity and expression to manifest itself as a basic connection point, our small act will have a cumulative effect on each individual, natural being, national and international systems. Join Mighty Spectrums as we explore how to create a simpler harmonic sustainable flow emerging from within.

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Embrace an Attitude of Gratitude

“Gratitude is a quality similar to electricity: it must be produced and discharged and used up in order to exist at all.” ~ William Faulkner

At the end of your day, do you pause and take a few minutes to think about how your day went? Do you remember the feelings that you were getting throughout your day? When you have a check-in point where you are paying attention – noticing rays of sunlight, birds chirping, or watching people enjoying a walk – you will likely find them everywhere. Gratitude is a social emotion and allows us to see how we really have been supported by others. It helps uplift the quality of our basic thinking patterns. Gratitude IS quality thinking and therefore to be realized as healing. By appreciating and savoring the true value of all of the things around you, it is less likely that you will take them for granted. Join us on Mighty Spectrums as we explore our own special seeds of thought radiating from within, as part of all of our unique expressions.

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Sowing Seeds with Intention and Potential

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant.” ― Robert Louis Stevenson

Do you take a few minutes to look at the content descriptions and instructions of regular seed packets before you sprinkle or plant them in the ground? If you planted the seeds you thought were for carrots, did something else show up? In order to live in total happiness and inner peace, we need to experience our situation through pure love without any judgement. Also known as the less compelling law of “reaping what you sow,” humanity has apparently long forgotten for the inconvenience of responsibility it requires. As a general concept, people typically apply this “Law of Cause and Effect” as a means of directing general living and working. Recognizing that the outcome of your life is a product of your decisions is what accepting personal responsibility is all about. Join us for Mighty Spectrums as we explore what it means to sow seeds with intention and potential.

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Where Clarity and Action Goes, Desired Energy Flows

“When you visualize you materialize.” ~ Denis Waitley

Do you find yourself desiring something but in the same breath you are also saying that you are not sure you deserve what you are asking for? All of your thoughts are forms of energy and are like the seeds of any future experiences that you will be having. It is important to not get bogged down with the HOW something you desire will show up or through what means. Instead, focus on the action and event of receiving what you want with clear intention and communication. Energy is now regarded as all that is. Indeed, manifestation is a sea of living energies! How you convey your message is vitally important. Communication literally means the exchange of thoughts, messages, or information with speech, signals, writing, or behavior and is really an art using techniques for imparting information or ideas. Join us on Mighty Spectrums and explore the key ingredients for consistently conveying your inner desires with clarity.

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Uncorking the Power from Within

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us … As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” – Marianne Williamson

When you start looking around for the appropriate ‘teacher’ – listen to how the word descriptions feel of what you will be learning or personally experiencing. How do these descriptive words feel to you? What if we were to all uncork our powerful intent for peace and calm as Mighty Spectrums of light? We want to unleash not just our intelligence, beauty, wit, earning, or political expressions and power. We want to unleash our individual seed beings. Join Mighty Spectrums as dLee shares how to uplift your powerful self from within and LadyJaye shares how to recognize -through Ageless Wisdom Principles – the ‘expected end’ as written in the Holy Bible.

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The Emerging Universal Design Plan

“Faith is the strength by which a shattered world shall emerge into the light.” – Helen Keller

Do you sometimes feel like your life is part of a construction zone? Have you taken a look at the various stages you go through as you awaken and emerge from one stage into another? We each have an opportunity to step forward with our own interpretation and understanding of the full potentials of the Universal Design. Each day, little by little, as we communicate and express our thoughts, the Universal Design’s collective qualities emerge into our own reality. This provides a ray of inspiration and hope for each of us as we transition from individual internal study into actively participating in constructively building the Universal Design plan. Join Mighty Spectrums as dLee shares ways to ‘carry’ our part of the load and Lady Jaye shares how one makes the transference from ‘transition’ to ‘actuality’ in their soul life.

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