Embrace the Drumroll of Joy, Happiness and Laughter

The sound of drums is primal and catches our attention with the physical vibrational effect. Music depends on drums to keep rhythm. A drum roll signifies something is about to happen. And the sound of drums can be all-encompassing.

Compare the nature of a drumbeat and its ability to envelope you in sensation to the rhythms of life around you. Life around you can feel positive or less so. When it is less so, it happens from bad news or negativity in some form.

It is easy to get caught up with all of the drumrolls of bad news that seemingly vibrate from all directions around us every day. It might feel like the world is heavy and vibrating with issues, that your problems are worse than other people’s issues and it may not be easy to find the answers.

Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn reminds us “As long as you are breathing, there is more right with you than wrong with you.” Using those words as guidance, focus on giving yourself a drumroll of cosmic breath. Take a deep breath and feel the internal expansion and clarity as you let it go. From your inner core, make an active choice to vibrate with joy, happiness and laughter.

Going further, go outside to get into nature and give yourself a drumroll for nature’s simple beauty immediately around you, regardless of the season. As you tune to nature’s wonderful visuals and vibrate from within yourself with focused positivity, it will change your perspective to attend to what truly matters.

Try a new approach to something you do on a regular basis, like walking around your neighborhood. If you take a garbage bag with you and pick up anything left by others that does not belong in the natural scene – give yourself a drum roll for a simple but profound action to clean up and support natural beauty. It can be easy to slip into feeling agitated because you are picking up after others but it is also an act of service. Shift your focus to enjoy the effect of your efforts to immediately access the drumroll and internal vibrations of joy, happiness and laughter.

You have many choices and options in your response to things. When you are presented with an opportunity to make a choice, pay attention to how you feel in that moment. Consciously make the choice that adds to your life (rather than detracts from it). Give yourself a drumroll from your inner core to experience feelings of appreciation, joy, happiness and laughter. As you give yourself the gift of positive drumrolls, you add sparkle to your life and the world around you. And that can be encompassing.

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