Cultivate Your Garden Within

Energy is constantly shifting around us and becomes filtered through our choices and actions as we go through each day. It can be a distraction. It can disrupt the best-made plans. It can also take us to unimagined places of spontaneous happiness. The key to staying centered in this dynamic, ever-flowing energy stream is to cultivate your garden within.

As with any garden, seeds have potential but do not come with a guarantee. The possibilities for your self-expression, growth, life outcomes and more are all seeds within. Unlike nature’s seedlings, you have alternatives in where you can plant yourself.

Over the course of your lifetime, you are designing a garden for yourself and your life. It begins with your individual attributes as the rich ‘soil’ of your inner garden: thoughts, emotions, perceptions, belief systems, unique personal stories and how you communicate with yourself with your self-talk. There can be a wide range of choices, actions and growth outcomes that come through and from each of these attributes.

How you relate to yourself and what happens in your life is the fertilizer, sun and water for your garden. If you tend to be an optimist, happy and positive in your outlook, your garden will likely flourish.

Naturally, the opposite is true as well – if you tend to be a pessimist, upset and negative in your outlook, you will see the world through a very different lens. And that is what will be poured on your garden so you may find you have ‘weeds’ instead of blooms.

The flowers and fruits of your garden are the rewards and experiences in your life. They can be healthy, robust, juicy and delicious, beautiful and lush… it depends on how you perceive your life experiences as that determines how you feed your garden.

To cultivate your garden within through conscious choice now, begin by looking for any ‘weeds’ – negative thought patterns, toxic relationships, things that consistently make you angry – so you can address them. Look for areas in your garden that are under-grown, struggling or weak so that you can either bolster them for growth or let them go. Then consider where you want your garden to be more resplendent – do you want better friends? Are you doing the right work? Is your body as healthy as possible?

One of the most important elements that can supercharge your inner garden is to acknowledge yourself as a Mighty Gem and be grateful for who you are today. When you appreciate the present, you acknowledge your ability to manifest and empower yourself to create more of what you want – because you have seen that you’ve done it already.

Know that you already have everything you need to cultivate your garden thoughtfully. You are a Mighty Gem, complete with your seedling attributes and innate knowledge. When you see yourself with this focus, you will likely find that you increasingly appreciate yourself. In that light, be grateful for each of your experiences as an opportunity for a profound adventure of self-discovery.

When you make this shift, your inner garden and outer reality will become more aligned because the outer is a reflection of the inner. And that supports you in making better choices for your “garden” design.

You will know how you are doing as a gardener by your life results. You will feel the energy flow as you open up and grow. And your inner garden will sparkle steadily from the inside out.