See Your Life Sparkle In New Ways With The Mighty Gems(TM) Show.

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The Mighty Gems Show puts a spotlight

on everyday jewels hidden all around us.

The real gems of life are good deeds, special people and stories of our humanity.

The spotlight merely illuminates the ordinary preciousness contained within our daily lives.

By spotlighting everyday jewels, we learn to see them together … and that’s the real treasure.

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We want to hear your stories of how you discovered the treasures in your everyday life. Whether about how you see the world, connect with others or feel more joy, please complete this form to send us a email and we’ll be sure to respond. Thanks!

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Episode Archives

There are archives of our radio shows that can open your perceptions in new ways. Listen to past episodes to discover facets of your world that you may not even know about! Here is a sample: #1: Sparkling Ruby of Connections.

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About Us

Mighty Gems helps you see the splendor in the mundane, the positive in every day life and the riches all around you even now.

They may not be what you think.
In fact, you may not recognize that you ARE a Mighty Gem.
The idea is that, once you know how to see the world around you, you can harvest Mighty Gems and live happier, healthier and wiser.
Imagination. Creativity. Happiness. Connection.
The mightiest gems are often the simplest.

  • Seeing the extraordinary every day

    Life is lived in every day small moments. These mundane minutes are when we live, laugh and love… the Mighty Gems in life.

  • Happiness is natural

    You can choose to be happy anytime you want – it is your birthright. And it is easier when surrounded by positive energy.

  • Stories create bonds

    We humans are social animals – we connect through stories. Every experience in life gives us a story – and likely a Mighty Gem to share.

  • Positivity attracts itself

    People want to associate with positivity because it feels good and likely signals success. Feeling good lifts your energy and becomes attractive to the ‘right’ people for better experiences.

What others say about us

Lynn Scheurell

Mighty Gems is a refreshing reminder of how to see life with fresh vision and get back to what really matters – how to feel good every day.

Lynn Scheurell
Margaret Tanner

…she is highly creative, intuitive, and grounded in business concepts.

Margaret Tanner

Daily Law of Attraction Quotation

You created yourself from the components of this time/space reality. You did not come from another planet. For most of you it is (slightly) easier to believe that some spaceship came in from another planet and dropped some of you off, and now, you've really got it going good. And the same spaceship also brought…(oh no, that's the Noah's ark story) two of everybody else. And so, now, you've got the same problem with this story that you do with Noah's ark: It must have been a smelly boat…And how did all those species get on it? (and where did they come from?) you see?